Saturday, 16 June 2012

Speak up, speak out... but only if you agree with us

...and this is why:

(with due thanks to the roving raccoon..)

Am I alone in being worried that the Leveson enquiry is a precursor to closer government control over the media - and angry that a venal media has squandered their role and handed over control of the media to the State? Add in Anna's concerns that we are being softened up in advance of controls over all other forms of dissent and discussion, and things do not look bright.

The argument that "all the serious thinkers think this, therefore all those that disagree are not serious thinkers" is also very entrenched elsewhere - I'm sure I don't need to remind you of that one.

Do feel free to disagree in the comments... it might give me some hope.


  1. I wish I could disagree, but with the news that the police (in Wales, yes, but it'll spread if they aren't slapped down, and slapped down hard) are setting up 'no unaccompanied children in town centre after 9:00' curfews with seeming impunity, I just can't....

  2. No, you are not alone. Leveson is a disaster in the making.

  3. How could you fall into this trap?

    Basically, the politicians are hacked off that Levenson LJ has uncovered the dirty fraternising that was going on between News International and the politicians. Cameron keeps say Rebekah was a neighbour, well, she live a mile away.

    So it has been put about that Leveson LJ will curtail our right to say what we want. P, do not fall for the trap. He has acknowledged on at least three occasions how important freedom of speech is in a democracy.

    Basically the Inquiry just wants to make sure this never occurs again so everyone is having to appear. Not what they expected but Leveson LJ is doing a fine job and I am delighted he has worried so many of them.

    A balance has to be struck to stop the media saying irresponsible untruths to grab market share. Slander and libel are not new concepts but have been very expensive to pursue an action in.

    I assure you, p, you will always be entitled to say what you want so let the inquiry do its work and don't fall into this bear trap.