Thursday, 1 December 2011

I Couldn't Agree More

I agree wholeheartedly.  We all deserve a decent pension.  Where we differ, is that I think the term "everyone" includes people in the private sector, too.

Now, the reason I don't have a decent pension is that the taxman takes 2/3 of my income, partly to fund the kind of pension for public sector workers that is way beyond anything I can afford..  Sort that out, and I'll be more sympathetic to changes to your pensions.


  1. My dictionary defines "deserve" as "to be entitled to by merit: to merit."

    Furthermore, my dictionary defines "merit" as "excellence that deserves honour or reward."

    Apparently then, everybody is entitled to a pension, because everybody is excellent.

    "Excellent", in turn, is defined as "surpassing others in some good quality" - which of course stands to reason since "excel", according to my dictionary, means "to be superior to or to surpass."

    So everybody should get a pension because they are superior to or surpass, um, er, . . . something or other. But what?

    I am puzzled. I can only assume that my problem is that I am relying on Chambers 20th Century Dictionary, and that some words have changed their meaning now that we are in the 21st.

  2. Where have the public sector workers been for the last four years?

    Actually, for you, that is not a good question as you will think of a witty reply that is printable.