Thursday, 20 October 2011

I admit it

OK, OK, you were all right. Cameron is not the messiah. He's just an ordinary politician.

But he's still better than Brown was, would have been, and (indeed) ever could have been.

But yes, I'm disappointed. Anyone want to help form a new party? Like UKIP, only sane. And popular.


  1. Anonymous said...No-one votes for UKIP because no-one thinks they can win. If there is something that gives them a substantial boost (like this one) then they may just reach the critical level. Personally, I will vote for them as a one-off. Get them in, get out of the EU, and then think again. Farage doesn't strike me as big enough for PM, but he would do for a while, and who knows, maybe he could be the 21C Churchill :)

  2. I've voted for them as a protest, but as Richard says, not in any hope they'll win. Single-issue parties never do, do they?

  3. UKIP's single-issue focus makes them look loopy and obsessive. What is needed is a new party of the right, committed to freedom, deregulation and small state/low taxes as principles. Leaving the EU then follows from those principles, rather than being the sole focus of the party.

    Oh well, I can dream, I suppose.

  4. UKIP often makes me think of FCUK. How did French Connection get away with that? Just a thought when naming your new party.

  5. Hello, Patently!

    I have been lying very low, but having gotten up, I dropped in, and read your plea ("What is needed is a new party of the right, committed to freedom, deregulation and small state/low taxes as principles") with considerable sympathy.

    I did, of course, join one - but it is currently about as dormant as my blog, and appears to be going nowhere.

    I continue to vote UKIP as the least bad option, but cannot get up much enthusiasm for them.

    As it is, I think that being a single issue party is one of UKIP's strengths. No new party ever gets anywhere unless it has one big issue to campaign on - be it the Greens, the BNP, the SNP or Plaid Cymru. The electorate seem to find it easier to cope with one simple focus than with a wide-ranging manifesto based on a worked out philosophy.