Monday, 9 May 2011

Europe Day

Today is Europe day, when we have an opportunity to fly a flag to declare our allegiance to the EU, and all that it stands for.  To declare that we support the European ideal, that we wish to live in closer co-operation with our European partners.

OK.  Here you go, then:


  1. When it looked like we might join the Euro back in 97/98 I designed a t-shirt (in my head only - it never got made) along the lines of:




    on a nice Union Flag background.

  2. Do not forget today is Liberation Day in the Channel Islands. They never joined the EU, possibly because they had learned certain lessons the hard way.

  3. Blue - I'd have bought it. I remember suggesting that a single currency was freely available to them. It was called the pound sterling, and it was administered from Threadneedle street. OK, they wouldn't have any democratic control, but if that was a problem for the Europeans then they would understand why I didn't want the Euro, then...

    Hi WOAR - I've always thought there was a lot of sense there. That just confirms it.

  4. If I'd have known, I'd have hung out my St George's flag for the second time in a couple of weeks or so!