Saturday, 9 April 2011

Please would someone explain…

… why we are sacking soldiers and keeping social workers?


  1. Unhappy as I am about soldiers who are risking their lives for the government then being dumped by the government, I am inclined to think that if we have smaller armed forces, we will be less able to embark on ill-advised conflicts.

  2. Enough to defend our island from any potential aggressor, and no more. But you are right - sacking soldiers while retaining a bloated public sector is madness.

    Whoever thought this lot would be different from the last lot? I did, sadly.

  3. I didn't either. I did warn Patently, but he wouldn't listen.

  4. It was obvious whilst still supossedly being the "opposition", what Commyron would be like as Führer.

    The fact that Labour are just as inefective as opposition as he was, proves the point. He is doing EXACTLY what THEY want, the same as the did exactly what HE wanted. Thjerefore no opposition. You do not "oppose" your own policys.

  5. OK, first, they're not the same. They do not irritate the living hell out of me on a daily basis (hence the reduction in post frequency, I guess). They only irritate me from time to time.

    Second, there is a serious definitional issue over "this lot". You told me the Conservatives would be the same as Labour; your proof is that the Coalition is allegedly the same as Labour. So even if the evidence stacked up, the charge would not stick. Had you told me that the Lib Dems would turn out to be the same, I would have agreed with you albeit noting that they would probably be less effectual.

    Yes, I am very disappointed in Cameron and the Coalition. But they are way, way better than Labour.

    Enough to defend our island from any potential aggressor, and no more

    Yes, I'd go with that. I'd interpret that more widely than as being just a Japanese-style self-defence force, so we might disagree there, but as a statement of principle I'd agree.

  6. I agree, they are not actually the same. They are more gutless in their imposition of liberal values than Labour. However, they still have the potential to be just as statist, and when David Cameron has been challenged on basic liberties, he has turned out to be as intolerant as anyone.