Thursday, 10 February 2011

We all still have the vote

Yes, all of us.

(Except those that choose to give it up, of course.  So if you want to keep hold of your vote, try to avoid accidentally robbing a bank.)


  1. Beat you to it:!/sshrpe/status/35771458865078272 ;)

  2. Or people who are subject to any "legal incapacity" which impairs their judgement. So a doctor can deny someone the right to vote but not a judge. If election staff believe you are drunk or under the influence of drugs they can ask you a series of questions to assess your capability to vote. They may require you to return later when sufficiently sober.

  3. Stu - No you didn't ;-)

    Brian, good point. Isn't the complete list those who are criminal, insane, drunk, or Lords?

  4. .... or even doing so deliberately and getting caught.

    If you accidentally rob a bank, does this constitute an offence?

    Btw how do you 'accidentally' rob a bank? This might be a useful life skill just to get even. :-)

    Hi Stu.

    ::[fetches coat]::

  5. Btw the ::[fetches coat]:: was because my points were obtuse, not because Stu has turned up. Please don't get the wrong end of the stick.