Thursday, 16 December 2010

A Social Media Christmas

@measured linked to this in a comment earlier today. It *really* does deserve a wider adience.



  1. "It *really* does deserve a wider adience."

    Oh, my! It SO does! :D

  2. I am flattered. Thank you.

    In Albert's fascinating link, doesn't the Holy Father know how to pull in a crowd? Not many can match that.

  3. You may be right measured, but I've been to a couple of Papal audiences and although they are always more of a fiesta than people might expect, I think the inclusion of a group of half naked acrobats is an innovation.

  4. Albert,

    Shame it might not happen often then. I assume this was in celebration of the human body than for any other reason. When can we expect the female equivalent of this?