Saturday, 28 August 2010

I'm off... a few hours. We're setting off for a week in Devon.

Which means that over the last few days, I've had to sort out my year-end billing, clear all my deadlines over the next week and a bit, and run negotiations over a potentially major new project (on which my lips must be sealed for a while). Oh, and fought off a nasty cold - which, as I am male, means that I have been suffering pain and discomfort greater than any other known to mankind (except possibly childbirth).

So I'm sorry for the comments left unanswered!

But now, the sky is bright, the rain has stopped, I have no work to do for a week, and my cold seems to be lifting. See you all in a week!


  1. Well that's just not acceptable.

    (Have a good time!)

  2. Excuses! :-)

    Here's hoping you manage to catch up on some sleep.