Sunday, 1 November 2009

Nanny shoots herself in the foot

Mrs P has just noticed this article in the Torygraph. Apparently;

Popular £10 ‘dinner and wine for two’ offers are fuelling a rise in middle-class drinking, charities have warned.

Charities that are, presumably, incapable of understanding the distinction between being encouraged to buy a bottle of wine, and being forced to drink it all. Presumably, these people are the sort that, if they should find themselves at home with a bottle of wine, are incapable of stopping themselves from finishing it even if they're too paralytic to actually lift the nearly-empty bottle.

Or, in other, words, utter morons.

Personally, I can stop when I've had enough. And this is irritating me beyond measure. Therefore, I've decided to take a stand. I have a new policy; a one-man attempt to stop them. As I tweeted earlier, every time some part of the Nanny State tells me that the middle classes drink too much, I'm having one of these:



  1. I hope that's not gripe water.

  2. That is a very small apple juice.

  3. Perhaps the Government should commission some research (not that they respect the results if it doesn't suit their goals) into why the middle classes are being driven to drink. I think splitting society into classes is divisive and no matter who you are, nobody appreciates being patronised. I am surprised these charities appear to have switched their attention from banning booze cruises; they do have to justify existence, but please, in a justifiable way.

    Mine's a weak G & T, Patently. Here's to a perceptive post. *clink of glasses*

  4. every time some part of the Nanny State tells me that the middle classes drink too much, I'm having one of these:

    In that case, I fear for your liver.

  5. Thanks, all.

    Anon, Henry; no it isn't :-D :hic:

  6. What a splendid idea. I am stocking up with booze as I type.

    Mind you, with the current Mary Poppins level of nannying going on in Britain we'll all die of alchohol poisoning before the week is out!

  7. They'd be even more apalled if they knew my wife can only have a small glass of red wine because of a medical problem. I have to finish the rest by myself!