Tuesday, 23 December 2008

'Tis the Season to Show a Bit of Common Sense

Oh please. Our dearly beloved leaders have spent our money writing a leaflet on how not to hurt ourselves on the Christmas tree.

This is just beyond satire, it really is. And anyway, I don't have time to satirise it - I have work to do before I can bunk off to spend a few days impaling myself on branches, getting drunk and missing my chair, and burning myself on candles.


  1. Who do they give these leaflets to? I feel like I am somehow missing out by not getting one. I have often wondered how to prevent my annual Christmas day injuries...

    Merry Christmas to you and the other Patentlies.

  2. There really isn't a single moment when Labour don't want to intrude on our private lives. Idiots.

  3. Just trod on a lego block.

    Hopefully HMG send someone round with a leaflet on "Care looking where you put your feet, maintenance and care of learning based equipment in a domestic environment, a useful guide to different methods of storage for games and pastimes and a list of numbers that can be called if you suffer from a related lego or small plastic part injury in the home and need advice.

    {you always get "advice" I note. never actual help..just "advice" which I guess is much cheaper than real assistance}

    Anyway, as I am massaging my foot I am considering how to prevent these idiots using up their budgets to ensure they get the money for more pointless initiatives for the end of next years budget cycle.

    oooohh..it went right in the heel.